Waterproofing Your Reebok Combat Boots

There are several different techniques for waterproofing your Reebok CM8994 boots. Soldiers would places were difficult to keep waterproof spray need to put a hill in Seoul. Army troops think they’ve have found the god boot. Army regulations I was searching for in the previous trials that need boots and guess what there you go these are the Rocky Tactical waterproof military boots. Some choose a scenario free in real time cell to a special ops 12 regular. Reebok recommends a drafted Gore-Tex waterproofing 400 grams of thinsulate insulation that’s between the two boots to combined or each boot has a 400 grams these are in the desert and color by the way if you’re curious and I also 8 inch boots like the last one. They have all of the positive features my previous Reebok CM8994 boots. Don’t upon all the negatives that I pointed out with my previous pair so we’ll start the manufacturer with a negative reviews. They’re really not as much military support as my old pair this is kind of safe Lindsay I’m up really nice you times now does a decent job not going why does a decent job