Reebok Rapid Response Boot Review

Or so getting into my boobs and shut up ask me how I am and what I do for what not the other just I know everything that people have sent me that has them Miranda Channel and everything but there has been a group of here in there something I don’t see why certain other people want to give me shit and tell me that I’m some type of Hoser. Marine gear best stuff that you can have for out here where I live you know I damn damn I live out here in Iraq rugged and you know you need basically really good gear if you’re going to on the weekends and practice and training stuff you wanted the best gear so that’s the quicks I know it took a little longer than I wanted to be on it but here we go this is here all of the exact model number and everything diesel USMC issue Bates 0-5 0-1 be hot weather desert boots so a little bit stuff right here to the kids got a little bit longer before it’s not within the back on my feet but they’re awesome you know what I mean specially when I wear the right socks all around good boots and you know this is one of your most important to hear my opinion right next to your rifle and a couple of things that are just final and good boots are vital okay I mean absolutely vital he cannot stress how important boots are actually being out here in the area that I’m in you know just really really hot today supposed to be so I want to just kinda give you a visual had to keep stopping the video give you a visual on these boobs they’re just hear some people I’m always never had no problem with the big boobs even when we go to pick up new gear and stuff it always just grab some more bass so I personally love those boots I think they’re good rugged strong when she sent them to me they’re basically brand-new they looked Am brand new to me now they buy broken a man you know they’re comfortable like I said the back of it still a little bit still need a little bit and take a little bit longer running around and stuff before they’re awesome I just look them up it looks like they’re about a hundred and $10 all that money to get this so without the help of my buddies sounds to me I would not have these boots but I’m doing a video on right now I see pretty cool for the for the circumstances it’s pretty hard to Stage super awesome I don’t know if they’re ideal for different areas but am I in Southwest over here in the desert I need you guys to follow me and you guys were into getting some gear whatever I would highly recommend these boots for this awesome and I’m pretty sure that I’ll get a lot of life out of these Oasis are I’m doing you know find good gear whatever which law here I got is pretty much top-of-the-line stuff you can get out there but like that these things are awesome shoutouts for making some good boots. Thanks for watching more Gear reviews to come