Converse Transitioning to Reebok Boots

A piece of clothing friendly pu midsole with a steel runs the length of the boot Elsa has a horse a light custom molded foot bed dry Lex moisture wicking interliner suede leather upper Horsetown and a heel caps on and you can get this. Neither coyote tan or desert and a little sick comes with a fully gusseted tongue and smooth pulling tunnel eyelets so is it here fibrum steel shank on the blank of the food these Reebok coyote boots I wear them out in the woods a lot and as you can see here there’s no debris in them the soles really good for releasing to Bri um like mud a type of thing that’s really quiet though she wear these out it’s not a squeak on the floor make a real loud clunking noise um it’s a Black Ops speed which is the same as this but obviously it’s just an all black color has the texturized no cab and Yellow Cab first uninsulated see from the inside Shirley son I say the sizing on this is actually pretty true to size I typically wear a 10 and a half to 11 and I have these and 11 and they’re the perfect size is extremely comfortable I’d say that this food is actually probably more comfortable to wear around and a pair of converse boots really really cushion haven’t had any problems when I wear it out with her slipping amazing like that one time miss you I was wearing like a real real thin pair of socks on typically I wear the corsage whenever I go out have a pair I just developed a slight blister on my big toe but I’m not going to say it’s because of the food it was because back down with costly putting pressure coming down into the boot email like this summer they never really well tears of lys and they’re holding up good you can see the metal gussets here speed metal eyelets really good teachers on this. Like I said the Fitz great constructions great Comfort Gray what about this at all the only thing I would say is the pricing can be a little steep I seen it go for as high as $169 levels of sound websites I look up website before I got on here going for 99 and I think you got a free pair of socks or something like that I don’t know about these I think I