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My First Impressions of the Reebok Rb8990 Boot

One of the most popular Air Force boots  on the market to day is the Reebok RB8990 boot. Military requirements velocity in the Air Force’s new uniform colorway ocp uniform AR 670-1 compliant. They need to be 10 inches in height it is two inches or less. Its upper is constructed of entirely genuine cowhide leather and ballistic nylon. The velocity correct collection is a very lightweight durable and flexible boot specially engineered for the Tactical athlete that we’ve done to coincide with the coyote caller way designed NATO speed lacing system forever skin I didn’t road guard that meets the upper to 8 and I’ll rope climbs in fast represent find the hyper velocity and all Reebok RB8990 boots. Camel in front of the camera here and I’m out today that’s that’s why you’re here that’s why you clicked on this review. So today I have the New Balance desert light 8-inch military boot. Air Force soldiers say this one isn’t comfortable comes in OT and possibly as well that’s kind.  This is a brand new take on the traditional military jungle boots definitely is lightweight and in a surprisingly breathable boot. They’re mean it’s very breathable is the fact that the shoe laces are shoelaces. Soldiers swear by 550 cord is paracord laces so theyre very durable and it’s not just going to shred and tear away.Those combat boots that I had those hold up too well after after while so what is a 550 cord definitely good course. In a waterproof survival situation troops can always take this 550 cord out and use it to survive. Theyre designed to stand up to any type of destruction that the military can throw at it. Vibram soles at a time I believe they’re actually designed for the military in Afghanistan but at some point they didn’t didn’t quite make it. Something like that that’s what I heard that’s what I believe personal actually do purchase them and use it because of how breathable they are. Some of lightest lightweight materials available to the manufacturers and it has a shock-absorbing outsole. With along with the various lightweight nylon mesh panels here which definitely helps for that reason ability. The U.S. Army I’d like to talk about how very comfortable reebok strikepoint put feet in the every day now.Security easy to take them off for a food that has a very kind of quick release. When people could say I think it’s right here this is around the end of the little loose really have to do is you stick your foot inside. The bootyou make sure this is titled it more and his pull both ends and it just you know places it right up it’s very quick specially good for military personnel who need to you know get on there really quickly so a great option and personally I like in the morning an. to sit there and I don’t make him streets a little section is tired you just pull it and it is it’s it’s tight and there is no I have no negative about that that is just amazing and removing the pill does neo take longer I’ll be there is not a quick removal option but you know you just know you’re good to go. Not too difficult once you get used to it you fairly quickly like I said before the the shows that sold the boat very shock absorbing they can see it’s very thick designed for basically any sort of train that you can come across and given you can step on the sharp point of a rock right there and you are not going to feel it right there and then I mean surprisingly surprisingly flexible actually and it’s just definitely in there durable good like I said before and it is very breathable you got the mess all around you know your ankle area and that does when you do get hot you know you start to sweat you don’t have some breathability there as you can see you have some kind of drainage holes right here that is so that way when in rain or in a walking through a river or maybe flood zone something like that drainage option for come out meaning that these boots will dry incredibly quickly compared to a stand where are they don’t they don’t have an option like that using you II don’t you have that water in your your boat and that’s not that’s not fun and physically it like World War World War 1 because of the conditions fresh foot that’s not a good thing have to amputate the fee because of that so definitely you know having that option of the water just pouring out one is not a comfortable to you don’t have to worry about having trench foot